Deformity Correction

Leg deformity treatment & Correction in Delhi by the expert Dr. Anuj Jain (Senior Orthopedics and Joint replacement surgeon in Delhi – NCR)

What is a deformity correction?

Deformity correction is the surgical adjustment or modification of bone that grows incorrectly as the result of a disease or condition, such as bowlegs or knock knee.

What is the cause of deformity?

Common causes of acquired deformities include misaligned broken bones, osteoarthritis (a disease that causes the joints to degenerate), and conditions like cancer and thyroid disease that cause tumors, goiters, or other masses to form. Some acquired deformities may be visible, but many are not.

Can deformed bone be corrected?

Bone correction is performed by cutting the deformed or angled bone and applying an external frame, using pins or wires passing into bone on each side of the correction site. The correction may be completed at the time of surgery and the frame simply used to stabilize the bone ends whilst they join / unite.

What is deformity correction limb lengthening?

Bone is usually lengthened at a rate of about 1 mm per day. The lengthening phase of treatment (distraction) is followed by mineralization and hardening (consolidation) of the new bone. Soft tissues including skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels will stretch and grow during this process.

What are the three types of deformities?
Deformities can be:
Congenital:present at birth.
Developmental:appearing later in childhood.
Acquired:caused by injuries or illnesses that were not present at birth.

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