Computer Assisted Surgeries


Computer Assisted Surgeries is a concept that uses computer technology to plan, guide, and perform surgical procedures. Computer Assisted Surgery is also known as computer-assisted intervention, image-guided surgery, digital surgery, and surgical navigation, terms that are more or less synonymous with Computer-assisted surgery is a key element in the development of robotic surgery.

Computer-assisted surgery allows surgeons to align implants in a patient's bones and joints with a precision not possible with the naked eye. For the first time, doctors have detailed information about balancing ligaments and are provided with it before making the necessary incisions. Computers can also help doctors who use small incisions instead of traditional large openings. Small incision surgery, commonly called minimally invasive surgery, may result in faster patient recovery, less bleeding, and less pain.

Computers used in orthopedic surgery provide visual representations that help doctors make important decisions before and during surgery. This system is currently being used for knee replacement surgery. However, programs have been developed for hip replacement surgery and other common orthopedic surgeries. The goal is to combine the accuracy and precision of computer technology with the surgical proficiency of surgeons.

Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, now also known as “robotic joint replacement,” is the most popular and widely used by orthopedic surgeons for the following reasons:
>> Intelligent and precise accuracy during operation
>> Minimal or no blood loss
>> Fast recovery
>> Long life of implants

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